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Did you know that in rural Kenya, schoolgirls miss up to 40 days school a year because they do not have access to sanitary towels and other necessary items during their periods!

Sanitary towels are almost impossible to obtain outside the capital Nairobi and are prohibitively expensive.

If they cannot access sanitary towels, girls will use leaves, rags, and ash during their period, which can lead to potentially fatal infections.

STAMENS UK is supporting a grass roots Kenyan initiative run by the Margaret Mercy Ministries which aims to solve this problem, by buying sanitary towels and other items in Nairobi and distributing them free of charge to girls who need them.

So far the project is running in the town of Bondo in western Kenya with stunning success.

Girls have returned to school and infection rates have dropped dramatically. We now want to expand this work to other neighbouring towns, and we are asking you to help us achieve this.

It costs just £48 a year, or £4 a month to supply one girl with a year’s supply of sanitary  items.

Every penny you donate is spent in Kenya on supplying girls with sanitary towels and other similar items.

Please go to and give as much as you can afford, either on a monthly basis or as a one-off gift.

Every donation we receive changes a girl’s life for ever.

STAMENS UK is Registered with HMRC as a small charity number EW32580.




How to Donate Direct

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